Astrology is a divine science. When interpreted by experienced Jyotishis ones past, present and future(s) can be predicted with a degree of accuracy that is uncanny.

Each of us would like to know what the future holds for us, whether about love, relationships, money, career or health. Superficial general readings on tendency, personality and probability are what we come across in the middle pages of magazines & newspapers. For definitive individual forecasts, in ones own best interest, one must consult a respected Acharya.

Destiny is a pre-written ‘draft’ and astrology helps reveal it. If so then why should one challenge it? I carefully used the word ‘draft’.
Wisdom, foreknowledge and timely corrective actions assist one in pre-empting or mitigating influences that may otherwise have destroyed us. Destiny is written to be challenged, if not changed.

There is no doubt that life revolves around love, the most cherished gift of God (love for parents, girlfriend, wife, children, job, money, property or anything in the world). The reciprocal of love is jealousy, procrastination and anger, the handmaidens of Evil.

Life would be without a ripple if it was a bed of roses. Ironically the fact is that there are thorns too.

The power of astrology help reveal what is yet to unfold and if advised one can be prepared to circumvent if not be prepared how best to react to circumstances when they do arrive. Either way one is forearmed.

Astrology is not a business. It’s Pooja or Prathana which is due by the person who has spend a lot of time to understand this term. Astrology is based on a concept that energy pattern form between other planets and Earth, and that these energies affect our lives as individuals and communities.

Astrology shows the connections between planets and life on earth. Life is like a cycle and because of planets and postion of the houses in the Kundli, pleasures and sorrows are felt at different times.