About Us


I, Rekha Vohra, am a Certified Jyotish Acharya. I remain a disciple of well known Astrologer Shri K.N. Rao, Bhartya Vidya Bhuvan, New Delhi.

My Guru says “Astrology provides guidance for the long term, short term and at a micro level”.

I believe astrology has the power to untangle the mystery called “Future”, that eludes all of us in the present. Karma or The Efforts” form the basis of the future.Intensity and degree of results are determined by our Karma(s).

I am also a certified Tarot Card Reader. I have learnt Tarot Card readings from a very reknowned professional Tarot teacher, Ms Sangeeta Jhangiani, of Mumbai.

From time to time, we all look for guidance. It could be on a grand scale, something that will affect the very course of our lives such as deciding whom to marry or where to live. Or it could be something of a lesser consequence but important to the moment. We look to a lot of sources to help us make our decisions. One of the most proven source for consulting nowadays is “Tarot Readings”. The Tarot readings reveal what’s really happening below the surface or events around us. The Tarot reading is a visual medium.

Theta healing is a meditation process that co-creates Physical, Psychological and Spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator/God.

As a Theta healer, I help my clients to unshackle the conscious mind and help them to connect with the Almighty on the seventh plane. It is not just a way to cure any kind of mental ailments, it is in fact a novel way to converse with God, the ultimate power and finally attain the state of prime spirituality. It helps you to connect with the Creator through Crown Chakra, atop all chakras constituting the human body. The whole process revolves around the logic of cleansing the mind, body and soul of all kind of worldly tensions, ailments and material burdens.

I have worked with The Imperial Hotel, Janpath, for 6 months as an “In house Cosmic healer”. There I met lots of clients from all corners of the world and did advice them on their issues. I have done readings for foreigners, film personalities, corporates as well as common people. I don’t see any difference in the people from above categories. All come with a lot of queries in their heart and mind and go back satisfied. I feel rewarded when they come back and tell me how good my reading have been and how they have been benefited.

I am helping an NGO called Lakshya Special School for mentally/physically challenged & slum children at Janak puri, New Delhi ,as a counsellor. I love all living beings and I feel being ‘one’ with all. I have special love for dogs and birds. Somehow I feel some kind of Karmic connection with them. I feel blessed when I help any living being in need.