1) I have been consulting Rekha for several years now and my belief in her predictions is extremely strong. Rekha is very patient in dealing with her clients and no matter how busy she is, she makes it a point to take calls and address my issues. On many important personal and professional matters, I have consulted Rekha and benefited from her advise through astrology and tarot.

Rekha is very accurate and this is what is most important in astrology. Supported by her skill and ability to comprehend the situation better than others, Rekha has this unique expertise in councilling and in coming out straight with her analysis and advice.

I wish Rekha the very best !

Vishnu Johri

Minda Industries.

2) Ms. Rekha Vohra is a very good astrologer & tarot reader. There are always occasions when each of us requires a reading into uncertainties that are causing anxiety or undue stress. At other times consultation may be required before taking any major personal or business decisions.

I have both on a personal & business level consulted Ms. Rekha and found her to be very correct in her readings. She also has an intuitive nature which helps in the quality of her readings in so much as adding finer points to her scientific interpretation.

Devendra Bhatnagar

Managing Director,

Dreamcann Foods Pvt. Ltd

3) It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I write this note.

Rekha combines in herself an astrologer, a tarot reader and a counselor. God bless the day I went to consult Rekha, totally distressed & confused and unsure of the choices to make amidst gross uncertainties. She examined my horoscope in detail and corroborated her study with the very intense and complex tarot reading to accurately predict my future.

Every time I reach out to her I come out clear in my mind and more relaxed. She is profoundly gifted; accurate and reliable in her prophesy with a consistent sense of involvement .She has the ability to intimately connect with predictions while patiently explaining the science behind her intuitive interpretations.

Besides her prediction she helps me to heal current psychological wounds and frustrations. My entire family now consults Rekha and is guided by her predictions & analysis in their day to day personal and business lives. If the stars are not on our side she is. Discreetly commenting… she is now a part of our daily lives and our cosmic balm.


Villazzo Home and Harmony

4) I have been consulting Rekha for the past 2 years .Her predictions are very accurate and she is never to busy to give you time.Her prediction have helped me many a times to avoid many situations.She is very intuitive which is very helpful.Rekha is very warm and caring so she puts you at ease.

Yogeshwari Ghai